Home International Aralco is now marketing under the ‘Renson’ brand name
Aralco is now marketing under the ‘Renson’ brand name

Aralco is now marketing under the ‘Renson’ brand name


From 1 January 2018, the full Aralco range will be on the market under the Renson brand.  As an international trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection and terrace covering, Renson has added new strength to help fulfil the company’s ambition to serve more customers better and with a broader range. Both ventilation specialists combine their strengths under the single brand ‘Renson’, to face the future with even greater strength.

The ventilation sector is seeing increasingly stricter future  legislation, which is leading the construction sector towards increasing energy efficiency combined with improved air quality and acoustics levels. Residents are also more than ever aware of the importance of good indoor air quality in their home, office, school or hospital. And, of course, the changes entail rising expectations, e.g in the ‘smart living’ field.

That is already reason enough for joining now to form a single strong network of dealers, presenting itself under one brand, ‘Renson’. It allows us to focus on comprehensive concepts for healthy and comfortable indoor climates, under the slogan ‘Creating Healthy Spaces’.


About Renson

‘Creating Healthy Spaces’  is Renson’s baseline. Renson, a trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection and terrace covers, is a dynamic family business that has been doing everything possible to provide healthy and comfortable living and working environments for over 100 years. By investing heavily in innovation, communication and internationalization, Renson has the future at its fingertips and always remains focused on healthy and comfortable indoor climates in homes, apartments, offices, schools and healthcare institutions. The company’s emphasis is on sustainable comprehensive concepts, which meet the needs and desires for energy efficiency, acoustics and design.

About Aralco Natural Ventilation Systems

Aralco NVS is a Belgian company with over 40 years of experience in the ventilation sector, specializing in producing high quality aluminium window, door and wall vents, and demand-driven ventilation systems for both residential and office construction. Arlaco’s mission is to provide comfortable and sustainable indoor climates for buildings.