BAU 2017

BAU 2017


It is not for the first time that the Russian Company “Modern Lumber Technologies” (MLT Ltd.) participates in BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, in the city of Munich. The company introduces Ultralam LVL and Ultralam OSB products, manufactured in the city of Torzhok, Tver region, Russia. MLT Ltd. produces reliable, cost-saving, and easy-to-use structural materials suitable for constructions of any complexity.

In 2008 MLT Ltd. successfully commissioned Taleon Terra production plant producing laminated veneer lumber from spruce and pine wood species. This is a unique and pioneering project aimed at the renewal of woodworking industry in Russia.  LVL production capacity is 150,000 m3 per year. MLT Ltd. sells LVL in all regions of the world. The whole of production is sustainable and waste-free, i.e. all process residues are used to produce pellets.

At BAU 2017 MLT Ltd. have introduced three new Russian products of great public interest:

1. Ultralam R-birch manufactured from 100% birch veneers allowing to obtain LVL products with modulus of elasticity (MOE) of 17,500 N/mm2 , due to which billets can carry heavy loads, can be longer and do not require the use of intermittent supports for span extensions, thus saving space. All other performances of Ultralam R-birch LVL such as bending strength, tension strength, compression strength and shear strength exceed those of softwood products by 30 – 50%. Birch wood is highly strong and resistant to impact and shearing loads, while its durability is as good as that of the oak wood.

Ultralam R-birch product incorporates a more visually attractive face veneer with a smaller amount of knots. In addition, birch wood has a pleasant light color with a yellowish or pinky overtone. Birchwood is very close-grained, dense and homogeneous. Therefore, its texture has a subtle wavy pattern which accounts for its noble appearance. Such a texture is easy to polish enabling to achieve extremely smooth surface finishes with a soft silky lustre. Ultralam R-birch product enjoys fundamentally new properties allowing to use wood in such construction applications, where it was impossible to use it before.

2. Also, at BAU 2017 MLT Ltd. have demonstrated new opportunities of additional LVL processing and modern technologies of gluing wood.

Modern technologies of wood gluing and splicing make it possible to produce LVL with a practically unlimited length and a huge load capacity. In addition to the main production, which allows to produce billets with thickness up to 100 mm, Taleon Terra plant launched MINDA press, a vertical press for cold pressing that allows to glue together LVL beams with the maximum thickness of 2000 mm, width of 600 mm and a length of 18000 mm.

In January, 2016 MLT Ltd. commissioned a world class facility for additional Ultralam LVL processing. It includes the following lines:

  • Painting and Drying Line: preservative treatment and painting of wooden components with various types of paints.

Special protective agents extend the service life of wood, enhance its moisture and fire resistance properties, help withstand biological attacks (i.e. bacteria, fungi, mould еtc.) and get rid of wood-hungry beetles and “unwelcome guests”.

  • Planing and Pressing Line: planing, chamfering, customized profile shaping, flatwise gluing of beams.

Laminated veneer lumber is a result of solid wood processing technology development and is a high-quality and aesthetically attractive structural material with high performance characteristics. LVL billets feature high load carrying capacity and allow to produce wide-span structures without intermittent supports. This material is easy-to-use and to process, is resistant to aggressive environments, and absorbs noise and vibrations.

  • Ultralam Prefabricated Houses Production Line: manufacturing of panel and frame houses. The production capacity is 250 housing kits per year.

3. And, the third new product introduced at BAU 2017 is OSB.

In July, 2016, MLT Ltd. commissioned a new state – of –the –art manufacturing facility, Taleon Arbor Production Plant, producing waste-free OSB panels. Taleon Arbor successfully produces OSB-3, OSB-4 boards with tongue and groove connection. The capacity of the new plant is 500,000 m³.

Trees are an integral part of human life. They accompany us since the birth of the Earth. Trees granted us an opportunity not only breathe and live, but also to start the long journey of the mankind towards intellectual and technological evolution. Therefore, the development of cutting-edge wood processing technologies makes it possible to create new sustainable and strong structural materials and expand the scope of timber application, as well as provides trees with an opportunity to occupy one of the leading places in the modern life of man.