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Descending front SF 90

Descending front SF 90


Range of application

By pressing a button, the HIRT swiss descending windows slide downwards silently and open the room in an unrivaled manner. They are the ideal solution, wherever the interior and exterior melt into each other: in the living area, for the pool house, the garage or in the gastronomy. The descending front is used as a heat insulating element in the building envelope. HIRT swiss descending windows are available in three formats: HIRT SF 90, HIRT SF XL and HIRT SF special.

Limit dimension HIRT SF 90: Width max. 6 m, height max. 6 m, area max. 18 m2, weight max. 1500 kg.

Functional principle

Descending front and counterweight will be suspended weight-neutral by chains from the floor ceiling of the technology space. The load transfer is made through defined suspension point in the basement ceiling. The electro-mechanical drive and the counterweight can be arranged on the inside or outside of the descending front. The HIRT SF XL is guided in runner rails at the side and they can be placed as an individual system in the wall soffit or several HIRT SF XL can be installed in series.

Construction/profile system

Proven and tested post and latching systems are installed in the descending front HIRT SF XL. Depending on the object and on the static requirements, the inner supporting structure can be implemented using steel, chrome nickel steel or even aluminum. The construction depth of the inner supporting structure is normally 125 mm, the visible width varies between 50 and 60 mm. Aluminum clamping cover strips are used at the outside. A variety of glasses and panels can be used. Integrated door installations are possible, the fixtures are harmonized product specific.


Elegance without threshold

This threshold combines safety, comfort and state of the art design. Other materials such as wood, rock or an individual floor covering can also be used as a special construction.

Safe in accordance with EN: Descending fronts are in accordance with EN standards. The CE conformity was verified with the type testing.

Drive/control: The motion is provided by an electro-mechanic drive. The inner cabling of the motor, the limit switch, control box and other peripherals will accompany the delivery readyfor-use and guarantees the correct connections. In accordance with the valid standards, the control unit connection to the grid is provided by an electrician at the construction site. On the request of the customer, the microprocessor control unit (PLC) can be adapted object specific.

The technology space: Space is required in the basement as the parking space for the opened descending front and for the housing of the counterweight. This technology space also houses the motor, the drive shaft, the compressor and the pneumatics. The spatial design can be found in the system plan. A drainage or a pump must be installed for small water volumes that are collected in the provided groove of the descending front.

Maintenance: For many years, descending fronts demonstrate their benefits in innumerable projects even under very challenging conditions. Thanks to high-quality components and Swiss quality, faults or even failures are basically impossible. We offer the periodic inspection, recommended in the guidelines, which normally take place every two years, as a service. In addition, a remote maintenance is also possible.

Best heat insulation: You save energy with the HIRT SF 90. Best thermal insulation and the effective air exchange without room cooling are major features. Highly insulated aluminum profiles with 54 mm insulation stays and a Uf value of 1,364 W/m2K. Function glasses up to max 63 mm can be installed. HIRT SF 90 values (examples): Size 4.50 x 2.50 m, 3-times glass U 0,5 W/m2K: The thermal transfer value of the entire descending front is UW 0,75 W/m2K.

Absolutely tight thanks to four tightening levels. Pneumatic seals do not let any air through. The inner seal is used as a standard, a cleverly devised system of press and labyrinth seals on the outside provides draft-free comfort. The seals are blown up automatically through a control pulse. Brush seals remove the coarse dirt and they display an aesthetic transition from the frame to the leaf. The hot air duct, which can be installed shapely into the floor is recommended for the compensation of the missing heat reflection of the glass.

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