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Don’t give burglars a chance

Don’t give burglars a chance


Renson is expanding its product range of burglar-resistant louvres with new window louvres

Although a building could be locked up very well, to leave a tilted window open could be just enough to attract undesirable visitors.  However, with Renson’s burglar-resistant louvre, there’s no need to have sleepless nights. The burglar-resistant properties of the Renson’s louvres have also proved to be beneficial in other applications.

Burglar resistance in 6 classes

A building is as secure as its weakest link/spot/place. Doors and windows, just like louvres, are already vulnerable elements and, other than the burglar resistance of the product, its implementation and placement plays an equally important role in keeping burglars out.

A building’s required level of protection is determined on the basis of risk analyses which could vary somewhat on a national or regional level. Here several factors play a role such as the function and position of the building, and accessibility to relevant façade elements.

For compliance with the designated risk category, all the installed façade elements are linked to minimum burglar-resistant classes, which are certified based on the European standards EN1627:2011 to 1630:2011. These classes are indicated with an abbreviation ‘RC’ (Resistance Class) and numbered from 1 to 6, in which the resistance class ‘6’ or ‘RC6’ represents the highest resistance class against burglary attempts – see table). Nowadays, RC2 is the most commonly used class for housing and buildings that are not considered to be very intrusion sensitive.

The formerly used term ‘WK’ (Dutch acronym for WeerstandsKlasse) has been replaced by the English abbreviation ‘RC’ (Resistance Class). In future this will appear in all the names of Renson’s burglar-resistant louvres, as they are tested and certified in compliance with the ‘RC’ classification of the current European standard. From now on, in addition to the 431RC2 surface mounted and 421RC2 and 423RC4 built-in louvres, there is also a 424RC2 burglar-resistant window louvre available in the Renson product range.

Burglar resistance combined with aesthetics and durability

No matter if it is installed surface mounted or built-in, it is important to know that the burglar-resistance properties work/function. This certainly applies to place that are accessible or close to a handle or lock. Dependent on the type and requirement class, it’s for this reason that Renson’s built-in louvres are fitted with reinforced stainless steel assembly dowels (RC2) or steel rods for anchoring into the wall (RC4). Built-in louvres are also installed with burglar-resistant screws.

All exposed parts of Renson’s burglar-resistant louvres, however, are 100 % implemented in aluminium, in line with a streamlined aesthetic finishing and optimal durability (no corrosion possible).

Secure sealing, ventilating and cooling

For private homes as well as for project (offices, factories, …) it is important that windows can be left open at night during warmer periods so that cooler air can flow in. This reduces the indoor temperature at no cost. This cooling ventilation can now also happen in a safe manner with a suitable burglar-resistant louvre for open windows.

Limitless product range, from standard to made-to-measure solutions

Having more than a century of experience, as a manufacturer Renson is an absolute specialist in the production and development of aluminium façade and window louvres. The many years of expertise has resulted in a wide product range of standard dimensions and designs. Where these standard products do not comply with certain requirements, Renson engages its ‘Customized Solutions through Innovations’ department. For larger projects those solutions are customized ‘à la tête du client’.

Photos 1/2/3: Renson’s burglar-resistant louvres: 431RC2 surface mounted and 421RC2 and 423RC4 built-in louvres, now include the abbreviation ‘RC’ in the name.


Photo 4: Apply photograph Clarysse old brewery: 431RC2 built-in louvre on the street side of an office building (Oudenaarde – Belgium)

Photo 5: The 421RC2 built-in louvre as security during ventilated cooling on the ground floor of an apartment building (Waregem – Belgium)


Photo 6/7: The 424RC2 burglar-resistant window louvre is new in the Renson product range