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Family home: Maison M

Family home: Maison M


This exceptional home is of a minimalist elegance throughout, in welcome contrast to the sensory overload we experience everywhere today: white walls and ceilings, mat concrete floors and an interior finishing in BauBuche Panel.

Location Meudon, France
Architect Devaux & Devaux Architectes, David Devaux
Photos: Devaux & Devaux Architectes
Area: 263 m²

At ground floor level, a large living room opens up to a landscaped garden, the latter providing an outstanding view from the  windows of the upper floor.
The dominant structural feature at the centre of the residence is a bookcase cum staircase in BauBuche that links the various living areas and floors, provides space for a large library and ensures that the house is flooded in light. The steps of the staircase extend into the bookcase. As there are no risers, the construction appears weightless.
The open-plan kitchen on the ground floor is the heart of the house. The dining table measuring 80 x 360 cm is also made in BauBuche. Its large size makes it perfect for parties with friends and family and many other activities. Positioned right beside the BauBuche bookcase cum staircase, it adds to the beautiful harmony of materials in the room.