Home International Ferro and Dip-Tech to present a comprehensive offering for flat glass at GBA 2017
Ferro and Dip-Tech to present a comprehensive offering for flat glass at GBA 2017

Ferro and Dip-Tech to present a comprehensive offering for flat glass at GBA 2017


August, 2017 – Ferro, a leading global provider of functional coatings and color solutions, and Dip-Tech, the world-leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, will exhibit in a joint booth (#1949) at GlassBuild America 2017, September 12-14, in Atlanta.

As the first major glass industry show since Ferro acquired Dip-Tech in early August 2017, GlassBuild America provides a premier opportunity for Ferro and Dip-Tech to showcase their broadened offering for flat glass. At the booth, Ferro and Dip-Tech will present Dip-Tech digital ceramic glass printing solutions, as well as Ferro’s extensive offering of enamels, coatings and pastes for architectural, appliances and automotive glass.

Together, a complete solution for glass

The Ferro portfolio, complemented by Dip-Tech digital glass print technology, offers a complete solution across the glass market. Dip-Tech delivers superior glass printers, durable and vibrant ceramic inks, incomparable image processing software, and access to its professional supporting teams – to fully support all glass design, printing and marketing needs. The Ferro and Dip-Tech teams will be available at the booth to welcome customers and visitors with a complete solution for flat glass and added value products that meet customers’ and end users’ stringent requirements.

Digital ceramic glass printing in action

Throughout show hours, booth visitors will have the unique opportunity to watch the powerful, Dip-Tech GPi digital glass printer in action and examine the printed results, live. Based on advanced technology, the GPi printer provides a first-class platform for a wide range of exterior, interior and industrial applications, delivering exceptionally high throughput at the highest resolution. This ensures high image quality with smooth and consistent high-speed printing, for a new level of productivity.

Dip-Tech’s NEra-D printer will also be featured at the booth, presented onscreen with video clips and customer testimonials. In addition, various applications printed by Viracon on its brand new NEra printer will be displayed in the booth. Dip-Tech’s NEra series opens a new era in productivity, with a printing speed of up to 4800 sqft per hour for single-color dots and lines applications, and 12 ink channels for extraordinary production flexibility.

Ferro’s innovative, wide range of proven enamels and coatings for flat glass

Ferro will showcase a variety of its innovative products, such as the S1de ONE glass enamels in various colors including its unique S1de ONE enamel for anti-bird collision, and its organic spray coatings featuring numerous colors and unique metallic finishes. In addition, Ferro will present its CerMark™ laser marking solutions – a unique technology that uses lasers to fuse marking materials to glass, metals, ceramics, and other surfaces. In the reflective coatings field, it will present the Lustreflex Coating, a highly reflective, screen-printable, semi-mirror coating.

Dynamic innovation

For practical inspiration, booth visitors can see printed samples of numerous applications for which digitally printed, as well as coated and enameled glass can be used, such as building exteriors, home and business interiors, and industrial functions.

Visitors can also learn more about Dip-Tech’s Design Collection and new ready-to-print files, which provide a rich array of patterns and surfaces that help extend aesthetics, durability, and functionality well beyond the limitations of traditional glass technology.

Stunning glass installations

The Ferro and Dip-Tech booth will also showcase a wide selection of the most stunning projects created by glass processors using Dip-Tech technology. With an overwhelming majority of existing digital ceramic glass installations worldwide printed with Dip-Tech’s market leading technology, visitors can see for themselves why it’s the choice of leading architects from around the world.

Happy Hour

In celebration of Ferro’s acquisition of Dip-Tech, there will be a Happy Hour at their joint booth #1949, on Wednesday, September 13, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet with the teams. All are welcome.