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Generator sets for military applications

Generator sets for military applications


Efficient and reliable power is vital to guarantee that Defence missions are accomplished as successfully as possible; compact, transportable, low-maintenance generator sets that can supply continuous or emergency power are required.

HIMOINSA offers power solutions to meet the technical requirements of international bodies; generator sets that supply power to field hospitals and computer systems on military camps and command and communications vehicles.

One of the most important aspects in military applications is being able to provide dual-frequency generators that can operate at both 50 and 60 Hz. HIMOINSA also guarantees synchronisation solutions for projects that require several generator sets to be connected in parallel.

To guarantee high levels of soundproofing in environments where generator sets operate near field hospitals, military camps, etc., HIMOINSA incorporates rock wool insulation in all its generators, meaning its generator sets are among the most soundproofed on the market. In addition, their canopies are ready to withstand extreme environmental conditions, severe storms, snow and high temperatures. Optional filters for dusty environments protect the generator in windy areas, sandy deserts, etc.

Transportability: mobile equipment

HIMOINSA has designed compact generator sets that are small in size, making them easy to transport by truck and in containers.

For all military applications, an optional mobile kit is available, which ensures greater transportability as well as a rapid response for when the generator set has to be towed by a vehicle, streamlining any mission and reducing logistics costs.

Their robust canopies also minimise any damage to the generator set during transport.

Power in remote locations| Reduced OPEX

One of the added values of HIMOINSA generator sets is that they incorporate a kit that extends service intervals to 1,000 hours, reducing operating costs for applications in remote locations. All generators with Yanmar engines, both in the Industrial Range –HYW- from 8 to 45 kVA, and in the Rental Range –HRYW- from 16 to 40 kVA- include a larger oil tank, which supplies extra oil to the engine, cutting filter and downtime costs considerably.

HIMOINSA also offers a fleet manager for PC and mobile, which makes it possible to configure and monitor generator sets remotely and in real time. You can receive alerts, collect information, statistics, download reports and manage refuelling of generators and their maintenance at any time.

Lighting for military use

HIMOINSA offers a wide range of durable lighting towers with a long running time. They can illuminate up to 110,000 m2 and work continuously for almost 7 days, with the most suitable design for any kind of terrain and situation. They extend up to 9 metres in height and can rotate 360º. Some versions incorporate a wheel kit for ease of transport.