The new revolution hallmarked by Merlo

The Merlo Group is widely seen as a world leader in the fi eld of innovation for telehandlers and Samoter 2017 will once again confi rm its innovati ve mission.

Many new items will be previewed: new engines across the entire range plus several previews that will once again revolutionise the world of telehandlers dedicated to construction and earth-moving.

Merlo presents its Italian preview of the new Roto 45.35 with an impressive maximum lifting height of 35 metres and a revolutionary safety system (which won a special mention), the new P35.11
telehandler with stabilisers (world preview), the fi rst model in the revolutionary modular project that has won many awards and is achieving excellent results on the agricultural machinery market.

In brief: new engines and two new models – not to mention Merlo’s new ASCS system technology that took an award at the Samoter Show in Verona.



To meet the updated Stage IV emissions standards, Merlo has adopted engines equipped with the EGR valve after-treatment, the SCR selective reducer and DOC catalyser, which are smarter and easier to manage than the alternative DPF solution.

The models in the Roto MCSS range will be fitted with an FPT NEF 45 engine, 4.5 litre displacement and 4 cylinders in line compliant with Stage IV standards with power of 125kW-170HP.

The Roto Mcss II range comprises two models that can be fitted out with various Merlo technologies:

2016-2017 RANGE Maximum capacity Maximum lifting height Engine
ROTO 45.19 MCSS 4,500 kg 18.8 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP
ROTO 45.21 MCSS 4,500 kg 20.8 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP
ROTO 50.16 MCSS 5,000 kg 16.4 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP
ROTO 40.26 MCSS 4,000 kg 26 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP
ROTO 40.30 MCSS 4,000 kg 29.5 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP
ROTO 60.24 MCSS 6,000 kg 24 m FPT/4 cil/125kW-170 HP


The models in the Turbofarmer II range will be equipped with a Deutz TCD 3.6 136 HP Stage IV engine with DOC/SCR. The versions with the „previous” 120 HP engine will therefore be upgraded to 136 HP (100 kW), with a signifi cant increase in power that will no doubt be appreciated by customers who require aggressive machines which off er superb performance. The Turbofarmer II range comprises 2 models that can be fitted out with the different Merlo technologies:

TF42.7 TF38.10
TF42.7 TF38.10-140
TF42.7 CS-140 TF38.10 CS-140
TF42.7 TT-140 TF38.10 TT-140
TF42.7 TT CS -140 TF38.10 TT CS-140

140 – 140 HP Engine
CS – Suspended Cab (Merlo Patent)
TT – Lateral movement of the boom + Tilting


The Turbofarmer MD families (TF35.7 and TF33.9) and the new TF Compact line (TF33.7 and TF30.9) are smaller machines that allow access to any working environment. The Deutz TCD3.6 – 4 cylinder Stage IV engine used for this product family restricts power to 115 HP (85kW) in order to control consumption.

TF35.7 G TF33.9 G
TF35.7 115 TF33.9 115
TF35.7 115 CS TF33.9 115 CS
TF33.7 G TF30.9 G
TF33.7 115 G TF30.9 115 G
TF33.7 115 TF30.9 115
TF33.7 115 L TF30.9 115 L

G – Gear pump
CS – Suspended Cab (Merlo Patent)
115 – Engine 115 HP
L – “Low Profi le” cab: same dimensions as standard models


The Merlo Group will present two previews at Samoter: The Roto 45.35 MCSS Hybrid (Italian preview) and the P35.11 TT (world preview). Both involve two concepts and the launch date will be announced in coming months.

Roto 45.35 MCSS HYBRID4

The true star of the Merlo stand will be the ROTO 45.35 S Hybrid, a model that combines numerous technological developments (such as the awardwinning ASCS), and will bring the world of telehandlers another step forward in the fi elds of technology, safety and environmental friendliness.

As regards performance levels, the new model off ers a maximum lifting capacity of 4500 kg for a lifting height of 34.1 m; this model will be joined later by a second – the Roto 60.28 with a maximum capacity of 6000 kg and work height of 28 metres.

The operating safety already ensured by previous models is further improved thanks to the new ASCS safety system. The new model also launches a
new cab designed to make the vehicle even more comfortable and user friendly.

Another important and revolutionary innovation is the hybrid engine: this technology was already seen on the TF42.7 Hybrid and TF38.10 Hybrid front concepts (also on display during the show) and now presented for the future Roto system generations. Thanks to hybrid technology, these vehicles can work in tunnels, enclosed or confi ned spaces, inside industrial sheds, in industrial plant or in city centres – reducing environmental impact in terms of gas emissions and noise levels alike.

2016-2017 RANGE Maximum capacity Maximum lifting height
ROTO 45.35 ASCS 4,500 kg 34.1 m
ROTO 45.35 ASCS CVTRONIC 4,500 kg 34.1 m
ROTO 60.28 ASCS 4,500 kg 34.1 m
ROTO 60.28 ASCS CVTRONIC 4,500 kg 34.1 m

ASCS – Adaptive Safety System Stability Control System
CVTronic – Continuou

P35.11 the fi rst telehandler with stabilisers based on a modular concept

The Merlo Group will present at Samoter in Verona a world premiere of its new telehandler model with stabilisers: the P35.11 TT. This new concept brings about the creation of a new range in the family of telehandlers with stabilisers. The new model makes its debut in order to off er a more compact, more lightweight solution – not the least thanks to the new axle and the new in-contour stabilisation system that means the telehandler can be stabilised inside the contour of the tyres. All this combines with performances worthy of the high-end range in providing an impressive maximum capacity of 3500 kg and a maximum work height of 11 metres. This model is based on the new modular concept and stands out thanks to many new features already seen on the Turbofarmer range: the new cab with curved glass for better comfort and visibility, a new chassis with improved distribution of weights for better performance and balance.

Maximum capacity Lifting height Engine Maximum speed Hydraulic
P35.11 3,500 kg 11 m Deutz 2.9 TD 75CV Stage IIIB 40 km/h Load Sensing 115 l/min

More details about this model will be available on the Merlo stand during the Samoter Show.



The award was made to the ASCS Adaptive Stability Control System: a smarter Roto for a safer working environment

The Merlo stand will present the Roto 45.35 MCSS equipped with the new ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) safety system, which is the latest evolution of the well-known and highly-regarded current system and will be one of the major innovations launched for the new-generation in the rotating turret machinery range.

The ASCS sees Merlo further improve safety and working environment standards by making the Roto system even smarter and much more intuitive to use. Movement speed, telescopic boom work area and other information are all continuously indicated on the large display, thereby allowing the system to make real-time calculations and ensure maximum safety levels, in all operating conditions at the same time as even better performances.

Merlo’s new Roto range sets a new standard in the state of the art and provides clients with a safe machine without compromising function and operation.