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Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg Airport –still convinced after 25 years

Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg Airport –still convinced after 25 years


Aircrafts, the most important asset of all flight companies, are according to manufacurersconstructed in such a way that they can undergo 30,000 to 110,000 flights, which is equivalent to a service life of more than 20 years.

Such a life span can only be achieved by a certain level of quality in conjunction with a regular servicing of the aircrafts, as it is carried out by Lufthansa Technik AG. One of the company’s 50 business locationsworldwide is situated in Hamburgand offers the so-called MRO services (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for aircrafts.  Located in the immediate neighbourhood of Hamburg Airport is one of the hangars, in which several aircrafts can be overhauled simultaneously. After 25 years, the skylights and SHE systems installedin the roof of the 45 m high and 13,000 m² large hangar n° 461needed refurbishment. In the course of time several hailstorms had damaged the inserted polycarbonate multiwall panels to such an extent, that they had to be exchanged.

Under normal circumstances, devices that are permanently used for daily ventilation over such a long period of time are usually due for a complete replacement. The responsible employees of Lufthansa Technik AG are used to the life span of aircrafts, but were quite amazed when they examined the roof situation:  The roda Licht- und Lufttechnik GmbH systems, that were installed back in 1991, were all still fully functional. After having established the current stage of the devices, it was decided that only the damaged infillsof 44 barrel vault skylight systems and 110 ventilation systems with SHE function neededto be substituted. Thanks to the special design of roda devices such a replacement was easily feasible. Convinced by the quality of roda systems, Lufthansa Technik AG contactedroda again for their advising expertise on possible new infills.

To the day, polycarbonate multiwall panel are still the measure of all things. Due to their multiwall geometry, they offer brilliant U-values and are extremely lightweight, relieving the static weight load. Panels are available in various thicknesses and designs. Transparent polycarbonate multiwall panels let a maximum of sunrays into the building (LT = 6% at 16/5X transparent panel), however, the disadvantage is that sunrays penetrate the panels directly, thus leading to highlighted and shady areas causing glare effectsinside the building.

For years, opal panelshave been offering an alternative option. They provide light scattering (diffusion), which preventsthe unwanted effects. With a translucency of 40 % (16/5X opal panel), however, the opaque panels let considerably less sunlight into the building. This is why Lufthansa Technik AG decided to use the so-called Softlite panels. They are made from a special granulate that provides a 100% diffusion according to the manufacturers’ specification, but offers a translucencyof 57 % (16/5X softlite panel). Hence, the illumination of the building with natural daylight is significantly better by using Softlite panels compared to common opal ones.  The result is an excellently illuminated overhaul hangar.

AnneleneHinz, Dipl. Ing.
Senior Project Manager Building Services, HAM TV/F-32
Lufthansa Technik AG

“If after 25 years of use systems are so good, that only the infillsneed replacing, one can speak of an excellent product quality. The new polycarbonate multiwall panels installed have provided us with a significantly better illumination of the hangar and we feel well positioned for the coming 25 years“.

The overhaul hangar n° 461, whose skylight and ventilation system with SHE function were refurbished, can handle several aircrafts at the same time.

The three pictures show the hangar roof after installation of the systems in 1991, and the roof before and after refurbishment in 2016.

Thanks to the new Softlite multiwall panels the overhaul hangar is now provided with considerably more daylight than before.