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Macocco SA Glass, France, Celebrates Over 1200 Digital Glass Print Projects  Created with Dip-Tech Technology

Macocco SA Glass, France, Celebrates Over 1200 Digital Glass Print Projects Created with Dip-Tech Technology


With proven success across the private and public sector, Macocco showcases a compelling business case for Dip-Tech digital ceramic in-glass printing.

Dip-Tech congratulates Macocco on its remarkable achievement of more than 1200 glass projects created with Dip-Tech technology.

This formidable accomplishment was shared in detail by Sylvian Fournier, Macocco’s Nangis site Manager, at the Dip-Tech worldwide event, held at Dip-Tech company headquarters in April 2017. At the meeting, Mr. Fournier presented an overview of Macocco’s digital printing journey, including a review of the motivations for investing in Dip-Tech technology, and an analysis of the impact digital printing has had on Macocco’s business growth.

Macocco Sites, France


Macocco, a veteran glass processor founded in 1880 by Charles Macocco is operating across nine separate sites, is considered the last big independent player in the French market, which is now dominated by large international groups. It has been a Dip-Tech customer since 2008, when it acquired its first Dip-Tech printer, the GlassJet Pro. Seven years later, in 2015, Macocco replaced it with the Dip-Tech AR4000.


To-date, Macocco has created more than 1200 digitally printed glass projects for its extensive customer base of architects, designers, building contractors, and private consumers both locally and abroad. The projects run the gamut of commercial and residential applications, including: public art and signage, bridges, balustrades, wall covers, kitchen backsplashes, and building facades.


Digital glass print gives Macocco a leading edge

Macocco’s initial acquisition of a Dip-Tech printer significantly expanded its offering. By adding the advanced decorative and functional abilities of digital print to its tempered glass and laminated glass product line, Macocco was better able to meet evolving market needs.

According to Sylvian Fournier, advantages of Dip-Tech digital printing over screen printing that appealed to Macocco included the reduction of setup efforts, storage space, technical limitations, and ultimately price. It also made printing samples for customers and designers quick and simple. And, with a smaller quantity of ink on the glass in comparison to screen printing, tempering and laminating became much easier.

AR – Second Machine


“With Dip-Tech, we could print several colors simultaneously, with amazing resolution and opacity control,” recalled Mr. Fournier. “It enabled us to print any design, any number of colors, dots and lines, photorealistic images, and gradients.”

The right tools to stay ahead

The AR4000, which is now in constant use at Macocco, builds on the superiority of its predecessor, with even more precise pictures, and much higher resolution, and a wider, more detailed color gamut. Macocco also makes good use of complementary Dip-Tech solutions like the INTERIORI design tool. As Mr. Fournier noted: “With this machine, we can now serve all purposes and answer any request.”


Mr. Fournier also highlighted how Macocco has continued to be impressed with Dip-Tech, from the moment of installation, with its clear documentation, instructions and training, through its fast and always responsive technical and mechanical support.

It has been our pleasure to work with Macocco for almost a decade now,” commented Idan Pinhas, Regional Manager at Dip-Tech. “A leader and innovator in the French glass market, Macocco, has made impressive headway, creating exceptional installations for both the public and private sector that highlight the functional and aesthetic advantages of digital ceramic in-glass printing.

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