Home International MRU – Bella Concert Hall: Interior Design with HAVER Architectural Mesh for the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, Canada.
MRU – Bella Concert Hall: Interior Design with HAVER Architectural Mesh for the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, Canada.

MRU – Bella Concert Hall: Interior Design with HAVER Architectural Mesh for the Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, Canada.


Tylor Center for the Performing Arts Mount Royal University, Calgary

Pfeiffer Partners Architects in cooperation with Sahuri + Partners designed with the „Mount Royal University Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts” a world-class entertainment venue, where arts and music are combined in a unique manner.

The Taylor Center with the Bella Concert Hall based on the Lincoln Park Campus was designed for LEED Gold certification. In a certain way, the architecture of the building reflects the geographical location of the center. The Rocky Mountains and the expansive prairie of Alberta provide the inspiration for the Design of the Taylor Center.

Offering an idea of country in the city, the Taylor Centre has been designed by Pfeiffer Partners Architects to resemble a barn. Aged metal, grey stones and big glass areas, which help to flood the interior with natural light, characterize the exterior of the Taylor Center. Inside the building there is a warm and inviting atmosphere caused by the color of the cherry-wood walls.

“A contemporary interpretation of the rural barn on the expansive prairie of Alberta inspired our choices in materials, structure, and color throughout the project,” said William Murray, principal with Pfeiffer Partners.

Bella Concert Hall
The centerpiece of the project is undoubtedly the Bella Concert Hall. The 800-seat theatre is named after Mary Belle Taylor, the mother of the Taylor family, which supports the Mount Royal University generously.

Because of the fact, that the Bella Concert Hall will be used by variety of arts – wind ensembles, chores, pianists as well as jazz and popular musicians – a lot of importance was attached to the acoustics. It was a major challenge was to ensure a very good acoustics with pristine sound. Striking feature of the Bella Concert Hall is the ceiling design, which is crowned with a wood-paneled, acoustically engineered ceiling shaped like an Alberta rose.

Designing Concert Halls with HAVER Architectural Mesh
Inside the Bella Concert Hall, the architects from Pfeiffer Partners Architects chose HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-LARGO 4338 for the wall and ceiling claddings. The three-dimensional curved cladding consists of Architectural Mesh elements, which were mounted under pre-tension onto steel frames. Due to the three-dimensionality, each mesh element has different shapes and dimensions. No element is like the other. The dimensions of the mesh panels vary from 1 x 0,5 m up to 4×3 m.

In order not to interrupt the uniform color design of the Concert Hall, the shiny metallic architecture meshes were painted in a special color . The colored mesh elements blend harmoniously into the interior design of the concert hall and grant with timeless elegance an expressive character.

Due to their textile structure wire meshes combine air permeability and acoustic neutrality with optical unity of the entire image. Thanks to the surface finish of the semi – transparent meshes the function of ventilation systems, air – conditioning and sprinkler systems – in contrast to other materials – remains without restrictions. The advantages of Architectural Mesh like durability, fire resistance, easy maintenance and recyclability round off the positive properties of stainless steel mesh.

HAVER & BOECKER supplied a total of 740 m² ready to install HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh elements for the wall and ceiling cladding of the Bella Concert Hall.



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