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On towards smart times: digitalisation at EGGER

On towards smart times: digitalisation at EGGER


Digitalised processes and services allow profitable growth for all those involved

To close observers of the company it will be no surprise that the wood-based materials manufacturer EGGER is organising an event on the topic of digitalisation ahead of the BAU 2017 trade fair. Industry 4.0 and the increasing integration along the value-creation chain have long been a key focus for EGGER. Services that have been available on the market since early January 2017 as part of the new EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019 for retail, handcraft, and architecture are of course also digital.

„There is no task within the company that is not affected by digitalisation,” explains Ulrich Bühler, Head of Sales & Marketing EGGER Group. „With the digitalisation and automation of a wide range of processes along the value-creation chain, we are able to reduce errors, increase efficiency, save time, and, last but not least, gain a lot of knowledge.” For an industrial company such as EGGER, this means a high level of predictability and process stability. Certain workflows, which are everyday events in EGGER plants, would be simply impossible without the automated and integrated logic in the background.

Digital processes along the entire value-creation chain

The mobile wood registration system ‘Intend’ is now part of everyday activities in forestry and the wood industry. A navigation system takes the truck drivers via forestry roads to the right wood stack and out again. Once in the sawmill, the tree trunks go through the WoodX x-ray scanner. This makes it possible to assess the logs and therefore make informed decisions regarding their later use. During production, individual steps are made transparent and efficient via the production management system (MES). RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in delivery goods can be read remotely and make logistical material flows simple and efficient both within and beyond the plant gates. The quality of the products made is checked via digital measuring systems and the knowledge gained is returned automatically to the relevant production departments.

Providing customers with solutions that simplify their business

Digitalisation means an optimisation of internal processes and a faster, more efficient and more transparent relationship with suppliers and customers. For over a year and a half, more samples have been ordered through EGGER’s online sample shop than via classical channels such as telephone or fax. „With tens of thousands of samples every year, quick and flawless handling of sample orders is required,” explains Bühler. Orders and delivery notes are exchanged automatically between IT systems via EDI (Electronic Data Exchange). And with the help of Roomdesigner – the planning tool for furniture craftsmen, developed by EGGER together with Horatec, its prefabricated parts partner – furniture parts that can be freely designed are produced and delivered as prefabricated parts with the press of a button. „Customers need solutions that simplify their job”, says Bühler with conviction.

New digital services in the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019

EGGER takes the next big step towards joint value creation with its customers via new intelligent services, which are an integral element of the EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019 launched in January 2017.

One of the latest services is the EGGER App, a handy tool which makes it possible to have the entire collection to hand anywhere, any time. The Virtual Design Studio (VDS) is free and contains all decors, many room examples, and useful functions. The new inspiration area of the app encourages creative ideas. QR codes on samples can be easily scanned with a mobile phone to enter the relevant decor directly into the app. The app is available via iTunes Store or Google Play.

The Virtual Design Studio (VDS) underwent an update and now offers even more functions. EGGER furniture decors or floors can be placed in different room scenes, images can be uploaded, and matching decor combinations can be selected. The comparison mode of VDS online allows for the direct comparison of different decors in the same room. VDS Profi offers additional options: it is available offline, and makes it possible to import and edit your own rooms, as well as import your own materials.

Large picture frames, simple navigation, structured product and service pages, all necessary information and input are available on www.egger.com. EGGER’s relaunched website clearly focuses on the needs of its customers.

In order to enhance customers’ online experience, EGGER has revised its customer portal „myEGGER”. In addition to popular functions, such as the sample and advertising materials shop, registered users now have even more customised services available. Create download favourites and receive automatic update notifications, obtain information regarding image data and templates in print quality for own use, have an overview of all orders and their delivery status, as well as information in real-time concerning product availabilities, order data and prices. The contents of the myEGGER customer portal are adapted to the relevant target group, whether for retail, fabricators, or architects, so that every customer can find the information they require.

E-learning and the new Collection

„The EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019 is the most comprehensive collection that the wood-based materials manufacturer has ever launched on the market. In order ensure that EGGER retail partners and fabricators receive the necessary knowledge about the collection and are well prepared for the needs of their customers, EGGER is utilising e-learning.

Personal training sessions are complemented by Web-Based training, an online game, as well as explanatory videos. This makes it possible to obtain knowledge about the EGGER Decorative Collection irrespective of time and place. The web-based training is structured just like the collection. One part focuses on decors and surfaces, the 9-grid system, and the style worlds, the other part provides detailed information about products and services of the new collection. „This makes remote learning possible, independent from courses and seminars,  and provides knowledge that is always up to date and in line with the quick pace of our society” explains Hubert Höglauer.

Another new element is EGGERmind, a quiz duel available to anyone who uses the EGGER App. With 250 questions about the EGGER Decorative Collection, knowledge about the collection is tested in a playful and challenging manner. The top-scoring EGGERmind quiz participants also have the opportunity to win prizes.

Digitalisation at EGGER

→    Key focus: industry 4.0 and integration alon gthe value-creation chain

→    Goals of digitalisation: reduce errors, increase efficiency, save time, gain knowledge

→    Solutions for customers that simplify their business

→    Digital services in the new EGGER Decorative Collection 2017–2019: EGGER App, VDS Update, customer portal „myEGGER“, E-learning


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