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Palazzani Newsletter April 2018

Palazzani Newsletter April 2018


1. Palazzani appoints a new Dealer for Spider Lifts in Quebec ‐ Canada!
Palazzani Industrie is now present also in Quebec, with a new representation by SosLocation.
Specialized in rentals and sales of access lifting equipment, SOSLocation is located in Montreal, Quebe c,Canada and started operating in 2009. Specialised in sales, services, transportation of equipment and training, they support sales with their financing department. In addition, also a mid/long term rental business isprovided on all their equipment.
Three Palazzani Spider lifts are already in SosLocation showroom: TZX 225/C ECO, XTJ 32/C and TSJ 25/C both hybrid.
“The reason why we chose spider platforms is because we believe in specialized equipment services”. Says Mr Philippe Lavigne (SosLocation C.E.O.). “We love all the things a Spider platform can accomplished and we are proud to offer such a particular equipment that can accomplished so much to our clients. The TZX models meet the needs of a wide variety of clients, from private, to corporate, to institutional. People could think that having such specialized equipment is complicated to manage and could have a negative impression, but with the new Directives, every type of equipment will become complicated”.
A special attention during the negotiation went to power option choice (electric and hybrid) and special configuration: “The reason why we equipped our crawler lift with winch is to show our clients that our crawler lift can be used this way too. We want to show our clients everything the Palazzani crawler lifts can do” says Mr. Lavigne.
The machines transform in Spider Cranes with a quick replacement of the cage to the winch, giving an extra and precious versatility.
“We like that the manufacturer offers a wide range of products, so many work heights and that every crawler lift can have the winch option and much more. In addition, we like the fact that the components of the crawler lift are easy to find, high quality and used all over the world. The conception, in terms of size, suits the industry (all industries combined). We like that the manufacturer is close to their clients and that they are turn towards their client’s needs” ended Mr. Lavigne.

2. Spider Lifts TSJ 27 in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
The Berjaya Times Square was inaugurated in October 2003. 1.75 billion Dollars was the investment to build this huge 697,000 m2 building.
With over 2.5 million visitors a month, the Berjaya Time Square proclaims itself as the building capable of creating an unforgettable shopping experience both for locals and for the many tourists who flock to it every day.
Berjaya Time Square offers: 1000 shops, 65 dining options and 1200 luxury suites.
In addition to all this, the visitor can also test the magical sensation of walking on one of the biggest „musical scales” of Malaysia, created following the concept of the piano: each step corresponds to a musical note and the guest walking on it creates his favorite melody.
On second floors inside the building, there’s also an entire theme park, which is among the largest indoor amusement parks in Malaysia.
Two Ragno Palazzani TSJ 27/C in the Bi‐energy power joined this enormous colossum, equipped with dual motorization (Diesel + AC) and non‐marking tracks, for indoor and outdoor use for the entire building maintenance.

3‐Palazzani TZX250/C lift is taking part in construction of shopping and entertaining centre in Kursk
One RAGNO TZX250/C was recently delivered to Kursk for the construction of the Shopping and Entertaining Centre “Europe”.
In Russia the construction of large shopping and entertaining centres is conducted almost everywhere. Moscow square in Kursk will also become a place of living of a new shopping centre soon. The Construction of the shopping center “Europe” is conducted by a group of companies “Promresurs”, which also has control over the chain of shopping centres “EUROPE” in the cities of the Chernozem region.
The interesting characteristics of the machine, along with the advantageous conditions of price, delivery and service offered by Vertex ‐ Palazzani Dealer in Russia, made the customer choosing TZX 250 for internal and finishing works of the building, with the following configuration:
1) Combined type of supply: diesel engine KUBOTA Z‐602 and 220V electric motor (this option allows the equipment to work both inside and outside the building);
2) Non marking tracks, made of elastic rubber, which is especially important for interior works inside the building;
3) Remote control unit
After the completion of the construction, Palazzani TZX250/C is planned to be involved for the indoor atrium zone and outdoor facade works of the building.
VERTEX Company hopes that “high‐quality lifting equipment for operating at different altitudes, which was especially selected in accordance to the Customer’s requirements, will continue to be of interest for the trade network “Europe”, which is actively developing”.