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Renson opensits first entirely virtual showroom

Renson opensits first entirely virtual showroom


Renson officially opened its first virtual showroom. The “Experience Box”, developed by Belgian specialist in 3D visuals an virtual reality Nanopixel, is a box of 3 m x 2,5 m in which customers can discover, experience, select, and configure all Renson products in a real-time environment. It’s a world first.

With a portfolio of over 700 products, Renson currently has many thousands of square metres in showroom space. It is impossible for Renson dealers, who are located all around the globe, to display this enormous product range in their own showrooms. They also found that customers often had a hard time imagining how the products would look and work in their own home environment. That’s why Renson teamed up with Nanopixel to develop the Experience Box: the first virtual showroom in Belgium and the world.

Customised solution

The Experience Box is a virtual showroom of 3 m x 2.5 m in which customers can discover all of Renson’s outdoor and sun protection products in 3D. Thanks to the numerous configuration possibilities, they get a chance to see the possible end result in real time, after which they can take a virtual tour of the space. Thanks to the Experience Box, dealers no longer have to set up all of the physical demo models. Plus, the digital product range is always up-to-date thanks to the regular, automatic software updates.

“Renson not only wants to be innovative in terms of new product development; we also want to be a trendsetter in the way we present our product range to the end customer,” says Pieter Lecluyse, Renson marketing manager, to emphasise the importance of the Experience Box. “Using real-time rendering software, we simulate the integration of our products based on the customer’s wishes. This is unique within our sector, but it is incredibly important for us because we want to be able to present the high-end products that we develop in a similar manner. Thanks to our Renson Experience Box, every Renson ‘Ambassador’ also has access to the biggest Renson showroom in Belgium”.

Dietrich De Blander, Nanopixel CEO, explains, “The large screen ensures an incredibly intense experience. A lot of attention is paid to the impact of both natural sunlight and artificial light during the design phase. We have succeeded in creating a stylish environment that bring the Renson products to life. Plus, the design of the Experience Box is so compact that it can be quickly and easily set up and dismantled. This makes it great for worry-free use at trade fairs or other events.”

Customer’s choice

The customer can choose a style that best matches that of their own home from four pre-defined model houses. There is also a façade configurator for those who want to go into more detail; it can create minute dimensions.

All the Renson Experience Box solutions focus on the customer’s comfort. In contrast to the traditional sales pitch, which a lot of people hate, the Renson Experience Box pitch becomes a valuable tool in the whole of the selection process. The goal? To find a customised solution together. After the customer has explored and compared all the products, configured to match his or her tastes, he or she will know exactly what impact the incidence of light has on the living room, among other things. This means that the final result is exactly what the customer wants.