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Sun protection with wire mesh

Sun protection with wire mesh


HAVER Architectural Mesh combines sun protection and outstanding design with a lot of functional benefits.

Whether it is the office building SANRAL in South Africa, the Clinica Sevilla Santa Angela de la Cruz in Spain, the Médiathèque les Halles in France or the Public Clinic Brandenburg in Germany – all projects benefit from HAVER Architectural Mesh.

Shading and thermal comfort
Due to its semi-transparent geometry, metal mesh is well suitable for external sun protection. Woven wire mesh provides shade and reduces temperature in the summer, while maintaining warmth and reducing heating costs in the winter.

Use of daylight with good view from the inside
Despite efficient shading, sun protection made of wire mesh offers visual transparency from the inside. Due to frontal viewing angle and lighting situation during the day, architectural wire mesh appears extremely transparent from the inside – also depending on the choice of mesh.

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