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Table designed by Pilati

Table designed by Pilati


Leonardo Pilati first encountered BauBuche at the MadeExpo 2017. Captivated by the new material, he decided to make a table in BauBuche for his own home. Its minimalist design brings a maritime flair to the room.

BauBuche table in detail

Location Florence, Italy
Carpentry workshop Florentialegno, Florence, Italy
Photographers Leonardo Pilati & Cecilia Prodomo
Dimensions Length: 180 cm; width: 80 cm; height: 74 cm
Material 1.44 m² BauBuche Panel
Completion Oiled twice
Completed 03/2017

Thanks to its understated design, the table with its striking white frame can be combined with furniture of virtually any style – from strict Scandinavian to playful Oriental. The design also fits well into any modern workplace. The architect who built the table for his own home in Florence is „molto soddisfatto” (very satisfied) with the result.