Home International The new Wirtgen W 210 XP large milling machine: A champion performer in its weight class
The new Wirtgen W 210 XP large milling machine: A champion performer in its weight class

The new Wirtgen W 210 XP large milling machine: A champion performer in its weight class


With the W 210 XP, the Wirtgen experts have extended their comprehensive product range with a new high-performance machine. Combining tremendous engine power with an application-optimized machine transport weight, this machine has added a trump card to the deck within its class.

Professional machine withextended application range

The W 210 XP is a champion performer in its weight class. Its powerful 6-cylinder engine delivers an impressive output of 571 kW, allowing the milling pro to handle a wide range of applications, from surface course rehabilitation to complete pavement removal and fine milling jobs.

High machine utilization thanks to FCS light

The W 210 XP comes equipped with a 2-m milling drum unit as a standard feature. Units with milling widths of 1.5 and 2.2 m are also available as options. Wirtgen’s Flexible Cutter System Light (FCS Light) not only ensures greater flexibility but also high machine utilization – a key factor for the economic operation of large milling machines. Both the 2-m and the 2.2-mmilling drum units are FCS Light-compatible. This allows milling drums of the same width but with different tool spacings to be fitted without difficulty as required for the job at hand.

HT22 quick-change toolholder system: Maximum milling performance, cost-efficient operation

All the milling drums are fitted with Wirtgen’s HT22 quick-change toolholder system. The robust upper part of the system can be easily and quickly changed directly on site. This minimizes machine downtimes and increases the lifespan of the milling drum.HT22 is the all-round key to maximum milling performance and cost-efficient operation.

Ease of transport increases machine availability

Thanks to its compact dimensions and optimum machine transport weight, the W 210 XP can be easily transported from one job site to the next. As a result, the high-performance milling machine can be up and running in no time. Without the water tank content of approximately 29 t, the transport weight is low, so that the machine can also be transported on a light low-bed truck with a low gross train weight. Customers are more flexible as a result, and can get their large milling machine to its next job at a fraction of the cost.

Optimized ergonomicsforhigh daily production rates

The ergonomically designed walk-through W 210 XP operator’s platform is a further plus point. The control elements are ideally arranged to provide a clear overview and make operation child’s play for the machine operator. Most functions can be controlled by the multi-functional joystick mounted in the armrest. In this way, the operating concept of the new W 210 XP, devised by the Wirtgen designers with great attention to detail, allows high daily production rates.



The Wirtgen W 210 XP high-performance milling machine meets all the demands placed on modern construction machinery in full, be it high performance, economic efficiency or flexibility. Combining tremendous engine power with an optimum machine transport weight, the W 210 XP has added a trump card to the deck within its class.



The folding loading conveyor and hydraulically retractable weather canopy support the construction professionals during loading and transportof the new Wirtgen W 210 XP large milling machine.

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