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THE POWER PAIR – Ferro & Dip-Tech Exhibit together at the Glass South America 2018

THE POWER PAIR – Ferro & Dip-Tech Exhibit together at the Glass South America 2018


Dip-Tech, the world leader of digital ceramic glass printing solutions, and its mother company, Ferro, a leading provider of functional coatings and colors for glass, will exhibit together for the first time at the Glass South America 2018 show, Booth #769. The show will take place at the Convention Center São Paulo Expo, May 9-12, 2018.

Ferro Brazil and Dip-Tech

When Ferro Brazil started its porcelain enamels production in Sao Paulo back in 1935, who would have imagined that 83 years later it would lead the Brazilian digital glass printing market? Yet, that’s exactly what has happened now that Dip-Tech is part of Ferro.
The acquisition of Dip-Tech by Ferro on August 2017 merged two powerful players in the Brazilian glass market supply. Dip-Tech machines have been printing virtually nonstop in Brazil for the past 10 years, with installations in a constantly growing number of glass factories. Brazilian customers are supported with local ink distribution and a skilled team of local technicians, supervised by Mr. Alex Kochen from Dip-Tech and Mr. Genilson Muniz, Dip-Tech’ local agent. Worldwide, Dip-Tech is the technology and market leader, trusted by hundreds of glass factories in 70 countries addressing both Automotive & special transportation, and Architecture markets.

From screen to digital printing

In Brazil, the digital glass printing revolution began initially for black frame printing, then, with Dip-Tech customers driving adoption, it quickly expanded to many more applications in the architecture and interior design market.
While Dip-Tech printers started as a niche solution for customized printing, its most advanced NEra printers, are now successfully used for varied types of transportation and architecture glass jobs traditionally handled by screen printing. These new Dip-Tech printers are capable of printing at high speeds, up to 450sqm/hr for dots and line applications, and up to 300sqm/hr for automotive frames, while delivering superior quality and yield. With Dip-Tech machines having printed over a million panels of transportation glass printed so far, along with tens of thousands of printed architecture installations, it is clear that digital will continue to take a growing part of the market from screen-printing – it’s already happening.

Ferro Brazil & Dip-Tech – Full solution for glass printing, full support in Brazil

Ferro Brazil has been a reliable partner for the flat and container glass market for many years, providing glass enamels for automotive, appliance and container glass. In addition, Ferro Brazil also provides frits and colors to the ceramic tile industry and special pigments to many other industries, among them architecture and interior design.
“Dip-Tech and Ferro working jointly, with two sites and more than 140 employees in Brazil, reinforces our reliable supply capabilities, enabling extensive local inventories of digital ceramic inks, colors and glazes for glass decoration,” said Nivaldo Bensi, country manager in Ferro Brazil. „In the same way, technical assistance and support for customers is available through the expanded local team.”
Alex Kochen, Dip-Tech sales manager for Brazil, Iberia and Italy added: “With Dip-Tech and Ferro under the same corporate umbrella in Brazil, our customers can deal with just one platform, instead of two. What’s more, it increases our agility in addressing requests, whether in the technical or commercial areas. It’s clear that the benefits of bringing together the world’s biggest glass enamels manufacturer and the world’s biggest maker of digital ceramic ink for glass are significant for our customers across Brazil.”

Live printing demonstrations, and other booth highlights for varied markets

The impressive capabilities of New Era Technology will be demonstrated live at Glass South America, with a GPi printer working continuously at the joint Dip-Tech and Ferro booth. The GPi and earlier GP series printers have been chosen by multiple market leaders in the Brazilian glass market.
In addition, the booth itself will showcase printed glass panels, displaying varied applications for high-end exterior and interior design, printed with Dip-Tech digital ceramic printers and with screen printers using Ferro inks.
Ferro will also showcase a variety of screen printing enamels for automotive, flat & container glass, tailored for the highest requirements, that are already widely used in Brazil.

Users’ Meeting – Open invitation

On Tuesday, May 8, the day before Glass South America begins, Dip-Tech will host a Users’ Meeting conference. The day will include sessions on market trends, Dip-Tech development, customers support sessions, and opportunities to network with fellow Dip-Tech users. Details for the Users Meeting will be released closer to the show.

Ferro – Dip-Tech Happy Hour

Join us on Wednesday, May 9, 3:30pm – 5:00pm, in celebration of Ferro’s acquisition of Dip-Tech.
To schedule a meeting with a Dip-Tech or Ferro representative at Glass South America 2018, please send an email to communication@dip-tech.com

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