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TORMAX with two New Automatic Door Systems and Other Unique Solutions at the BAU 2017

TORMAX with two New Automatic Door Systems and Other Unique Solutions at the BAU 2017


BAU 2017 in Munich, 16 to 21 January 2017, Hall B3, Stand 309

From 16 to 21 January TORMAX presents at the BAU 2017 in Munich a broad range of automatic door systems. The unique and invisible swing door drive TORMAX iMotion 1401 or a full-glass revolving door will be shown as well as two new automatic door systems: Security and energy efficiency in automatic sliding doors now have a name – TORMAX Secure+Therm. The new door system offers certified burglary protection to resistance class RC 2, whilst using a slender, thermally separated door profile and a multipoint locking system.The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system significantly raises and redefines the standards of quality for hermetic and air-tight doors. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the door system sets new quality standards with regard to dynamics, safety, quiet operation and reliability.

Five different automatic door systems will be presentedat the BAU:

  • New TORMAX Secure+Therm: the sliding door system with certified burglary protection to RC 2 and with thermal insulation
  • New TORMAX Hermetic: the sliding door system for hermetic or air-tight doors
  • TORMAX Full Glass Revolving Door: the revolving door system for perfect aesthetics
  • TORMAX iMotion 1401: the invisible, powerful swing door drive
  • TORMAX 1102 and 1201: the versatile talents among swing door drives


TORMAX Secure+Therm: The new Standard for Secure andEnergy-Efficient Automatic Sliding Doors.

Security and energy efficiency in automatic sliding doors now have a name –TORMAX Secure+Therm. The new door system offers certified burglaryprotection to resistance class RC 2, whilst using a slender, thermally separateddoor profile. It combines all the quality features that make an entrancea modern, valuable installation.

Shopkeepers, hotel managers and company owners want andhave to protect their buildings against burglary and vandalism. Insurancecompanies demand security measures so that it keeps premiums low. Fittedwith the new TORMAX multipoint locking and numerous other security features,the TORMAX Secure+Therm sliding door system offers all the advantages ofan automatic sliding door during business opening hours and the necessaryburglary protection after closing time. The whole system has been examinedand certified.

With the TORMAXSecure+Therm, cold, heat, damp and noise are kept outside. By using this slidingdoor system you create a refined atmosphere in the building. Customers andstaff feel and appreciate the comfort, and because the TORMAX Secure+Thermsliding door system has a very slender and compact thermally separated profile,you do not have to compromise on aesthetics.

The above-averageservice life of the door systems, maintenance-free motors, and reliabletechnology, means there are less interruptions and fewer servicing call-outs.Furthermore, the high performance of the TORMAX drive systems increasesconvenience in daily use. The overall operating costs are significantly lowerthan for other alternative systems.


TORMAX Hermetic: Hermetic and Air-TightDoor Systems for Critical Areas.

The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system significantly raisesand redefines the standards of quality for hermetic and air-tight doors. This has beenmade possible as TORMAX turned its attention to all the technical and functionaldetails. The result is a door system that meets the various requirements of operatingtheatres, radiology rooms, quarantine zones, laboratories and clean rooms inresearch and industry.

The innovative drive technology means that evenvery heavy doors are opened and closed smoothly and quickly. The door leaf withall-round sealing is lowered shortly before the final closure and pressed againstthe integral door frame.The sophisticated technology is installed invisiblyin a slim, elegant structure. The design and materials of the door leaves canbe customised in many different ways. A wide range of accessories is available.

Integral sensors ensure an uncompromisingprotection and error-free detection of persons. They are built into the door systemin a discreet and hygienic manner. Vibration-absorbing components enableextremely quiet operation, thus increasing the comfort even more.You benefit from TORMAX’s decadesof experience: long-lasting, tried and tested components ensure low maintenancecosts.The TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door systemmeets the highest safety standards and is certified to EN 16005 / DIN 18650.

TORMAX Full Glass Revolving Door: Transparent Revolving Doorsfor Elegant Architecture.

TORMAX revolving doors are the prestigious visiting cards for the outside and insideof buildings. To provide a most elegant solution possible in addition to the functionalbenefits, TORMAX has designed an all-glass revolving door. They are custom-made inour own factory and allow the maximum freedom of design possibilities.

The TORMAX Full Glass Revolving Door does not need a centre column and has an impressive visual lightness. Door leaves, drum walls and roof section are made of safety glass. The drive mounted in the floor, and the elegant profile, serve to enhance the transparency. Door systems up to 3 metres in diameter or 5 metres high can be achieved. Besides the not so commonplace full glass revolving door, TORMAX offers a wide range of classic model series in order to meet any situation with door diameters of 1.6 to 7.4 metres.

Reliable sensors integrated within the system ensure maximumsafety for every user. All the safety components are already pre-configured at thefactory and are neatly incorporated in the construction.

TORMAX iMotion 1401: The Invisible Door Drive.

Slimline glass swing doors are difficult to automate without using visible drivetechnology, as are the heavy doors found in historical buildings, where monumentpreservation orders can also prove problematic. TORMAX has developed the iMotion1401 precisely for implementing installations like these without having to makeany compromises. It becomes a genuine alternative wherever top-class doorautomation is required and a visible drive unit is unsuitable for architectural designreasons.

The powerful, quiet drive with its maintenance-free, permanent-magnet synchronous motor is fully recessed into the floor, with an installation depth of just 125 mm, and acts directly on the rotational axis of the door. This means it can also serve as the lower pivot bearing. It delivers plenty of power for automating doors up to 600 kg in weight.

TORMAX 1102 and 1201: The Versatile Talents Among Swing Door Drives.

You can choose between the multi-purpose duo, the two swing door drivesTORMAX 1102 and TORMAX 1201. The TORMAX 1102 is the ideal solutionfor lightweight, narrow doors. The TORMAX 1201 is excellently suited to heavy,wide doors or in high wind loads. Combined together, they excel withunique control options for double-leaf doors.The elegant, discreet design and the compact drive height ofjust 85 mm allow full freedom of design for the doorway.

In the conventional full-power mode thedrive provides its full force and can also move large, heavy doors. Sensors ensurea completely safe operation. In the low-energy mode, the drive units can beoperated without additional safety devices. This setting with reduced energyand gentle force immediately reacts when encountering any obstacle. Usingthe power-assist function, users can open a door manually with very little force.The drive assists the door movement by a very finely controlled and preciseassisting force so as to ensure a natural movement. After passing through, thedoor closes safely by itself.


TORMAX installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951. Today a leading manufacturerof automatic door systems worldwide with 16 group companies and 500 certifieddistributors.

TORMAX represents technologically advanced, reliable and innovative door automation.As an independent Swiss industrial company operating globally, we offer the entirerange of automatic door systems and ensure their trouble-free operation during theirwhole life-time.

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