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Two for O.Mec Company!

Two for O.Mec Company!


1. Two for O.Mec Company!
Two Spider XTJ 32/C have recently been delivered to the Company O.Mec in Ancona, Italy. Founded in 1989 by the industrial project of Mr. Gianfranco Bronzini, O.Mec currently involves over 100 employers, with branches in Italy and service provided to Algeria and Russia. The Company mission is to offer services related to ordinary/extraordinary maintenance for machinery, plants, equipment, services for petrochemical, food, sugar, paper industry, shipbuilding and other industrial sectors.
In 2000 the new business division specialized in AWP rental business starts. The company obtains IPAF accreditation as AWP training centre. The two Ragno Palazzani XTJ 32/C with Bi‐energy power option (Diesel Engine + Electric Motor) will be used for civil and industrial activities (construction, maintenance, pruning, etc.). This machines choice derives from some activities needs of stowed dimensions to move in historic cities centres or of light weight to work indoor or on disconnected surfaces.
The company O.Mec are already Palazzani customers for years and these are just the two units just joined
the other 4 Palazzani Spiders existing in their fleet.
<< The opinion on AWP Ragno Palazzani is excellent: they are robust, reliable and easy‐to‐use machines. These are the reason why we decided to buy other 2 units! >> says satisfied Mr. Michele Mazzanti, Sales Director of O.Mec.
The two XTJ 32/C are equipped with the hydraulic winch with 500 kg of lifting capacity, transforming the machine from Spider Lift to Spider Crane simply by replacing the basket with the winch; this option was needed by the purchaser, who received particular requests for lightweight machines to lift light materials, too. In some cases, it is the only alternative to avoid hiring a large crane at considerable costs.
One of the strong points of O.Mec is trying to face criticisms by finding innovative solutions, turning them into opportunities to achieve new successes, providing to the customer easy to use and updated machines.
2‐ Two super‐equipped Paload Wheel Loader for the Maliq landfill – in Korca, Albania
The waste disposal activity required in 2017 the construction of a large landfill in Maliq – Korca by the Albanian Authorities.
To give an idea of its size, just think that in this area 100 collection fields of the region will be abolished to confer there, with consequent significant improvements in operating costs of the sector and especially with understandable benefits at the ecological level and environmental.
During the last year, the state authorities involved in the Maliq landfill project were called to open a tender for two wheel loaders for waste move and disposal. Thanks to the collaboration with the Albanian company Vibtis Shpk, Palazzani has been chosen to supply both wheel loaders for this important project.
The machines supplied are: PL 145 and PL 1105, both customized with : personal colours all white, Tier 4. Final engine, heated mirrors, larger capacity bucket, forks, protection grilles on the front and rear, to prevent glass breakage in case of material fall, automatic greasing system, hydraulic oil biodegradable, satellite anti‐theft system and „fire kill” automatic fire system positioned in the cabin and in the bonnet cover.
3‐ One Palazzani Spider TZX 250/C for Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan
One AWP TZX 250/C was delivered to the client LLP Esentay Agro in Astana ‐ Kazakhstan, for the Nazarbayev University ‐ an international educational center founded directly by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Ragno TZX 250/C will be used to carry out indoor and outdoor maintenance of the entire building. Its architecture is quite complicated: large halls, complex facades and different types of surfaces.
Supplied with standard Bi‐energy motorization (diesel engine + AC electric motor), the machine is the right solution to difficult access, being very light (only 2600 kg), compact, reaching 25m of max w/h with an articulated arm in aluminum.